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Departures from the Sphere / Dialogues between Art and Science

By September 23, 2020September 30th, 2020Art & Science, Exhibition

Scientifica, in collaboration with the Qolony Association, invites you this Saturday to a discussion between Romanian artists and scientific researchers, a dialogue associated with the exhibition event Departures from the Sphere.

SCHEDULE (Saturday, September 26, 4pm – 8pm):


Mihaela Ghiță, moderator, science journalist & co-founder of Qolony

Empathy and coherence of laser light, or how art interacted with science in FUSION, # 1 the first artistic residencies in research institutes

Marian Zamfirescu, PhD, CETAL coordinator – Center for Advanced Laser Technologies within the Institute of Plasma and Radiation Laser Physics – Măgurele

Involuntary art in interplanetary data

Claudiu Tănăselia, PhD, INCDO INOE2000 ICIA Cluj-Napoca and founder of

The limits of representation – how data received from telescopes become images

Ciprian Ciuclea, visual artist

Foucault’s pendulum in the artist’s vision

Catrinel Săbăciag, visual artist & designer

Biomaterials and their exploration in artistic production

Floriama Cândea, visual artist & co-founder of Qolony

Non-invasive diagnostic methods and other applications of lasers and isotopic technologies

Alexandra Fălămaș, PhD, Scientific Researcher, ITIM Cluj – National Research-Development Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Technologies

Acoustic model of sound – pretext and / or artistic context – performative talk

Cătălin Creţu, artist, researcher Center for Electroacoustic Music and Multimedia at the National University of Music Bucharest


Cătălin Creţu

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Co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the way the project results can be used. These fall entirely under the responsibility of to the beneficiary of the funding.

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