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Unique at Quantum Questions Festival, 2020

By November 20, 2020December 23rd, 2021Art & Science, Exhibition

Between November 24 and December 12, 2020 we invite you to see the EFECT exhibition, part of the Quantum Questions Science Festival organized by the Cluj Cultural Centre.


Together with Oviso Robotics, we created UNIC –  a personal “fingerprint”, created live by a robotic hand, of the bacterial cells that make up the human microbiome, a unique fingerprint that we find inside us,  our second skin.

How can we act in the direction of the desired effects and what are the long-term consequences of our current action or inaction?

12 international artists working at the intersection of art, science, theory, and experiment were invited to present works to propose answers to these essential questions.

Whether we are talking about biology or our health, community, culture, or the environment, we cannot say exactly what it will look like or how we will perceive the future in 20 years. It all comes down to the choices we make today. Therefore, we must choose wisely. The EFECT exhibition aims to help us do that.

You are invited on a journey that starts with us, as a species, crosses the level of our society, gets the personal human dimension, and reaches the world of bacteria and microbes, even deeper, in the microbiotic realm.


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