29 Aug. – 1  Oct. 2020


Looking at ways of connecting the curatorial/ artistic propositions of the Both Ways partners, the online component of the exhibition, created specifically for the virtual environment with an experimental approach, can be seen as a reflection on the possibilities of the virtual space as a medium for contemporary art. Moreover, it references artists’ gestures and preoccupations with transpositions from the bidimensional plane to the three dimensional space. It is placed in a cosmic scenery, in which the viewers are invited to discover and interact with the works. Not being bound by the limitations of physical space, the viewers can try different ways of experiencing  art, such as flying from one work to another or wandering around in space.

The exhibition is part of the BOTH WAYS project – a physically polycentric exhibition held in five European locations headquartered in Trieste, as well as a replicated and expanded online exhibition, practically available worldwide to anyone who enters with his avatar.

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The Exhibition

Departures from the Sphere presents a selection of 8 Romanian artists of different generations and expressive languages, ranging from photography, drawing and sculpture, to video and installation. It makes use of multiple, unconventional media, such as anachronous circuitry and biological materials. The works’ point of departure is primarily the artistic experiment, resulting in different situations of interaction that allow the viewer to recreate the mesmerizing quality lived by the artist/researcher in the moment of discovery.

The correlation of artistic practice with scientific principle is driven by interests in perception, movement and (physical) phenomena, the static and moving image, and for the transformation of shapes in their transition from the plane to three-dimensional  space. Moreover, they are kindled by fascination with outer space, archaeological research, the history of science or NASA’s discoveries among others. Depending on the type of intervention, the sphere, an iconic element of the Universe, appears in different variations of its perfect form.

The creative universe that emerges reflects the search for a connection between self and the world, between the inner and the cosmic space, revealing an attraction towards a metaphysical harmony and an idealized, atemporal perception of space. The indissoluble bond between the inner and the outer world occurs through conceptual links and ideas orbiting around a mostly invisible, but felt and sublimated human presence.

Utopian objects, nocturnal creatures, piezoelectric vibrations, ghostly vegetation, mesmerizing landscapes and symbolic representations inhabit a territory where utopian conceptions of space contrast sharply with the apocalyptic images that currently flood our earthly, isolated lives.

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Co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration

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