oct 2019 – ongoing


Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Smart Hands is an Erasmus+ project and a strategic partnership between four European countries. The project is a collaboration between expert partners: House of Design (Netherlands), Way of Arts (Portugal), Scientifica (Romania), University of Eastern Finland and Open Education Community (Belgium) – together with four schools: OBS Singelland (Netherlands), AEJE (Portugal), Colegiul National Emil Racovita (Romania) and Kummun koulu (Finland).

The aim is to develop cross subject lesson materials and to introduce hands-on learning into the class-rooms.

The combination of alpha, beta and gamma subjects in one task challenges students to be more exploring, creative, and inventive.  By challenging students to take their time, perform trial & error activities, we appeal to them to be clever and crafty.

Our ambition is to create the circumstances for students to “learn how to learn”,  to take initiative of their learning and investigate questions and themes according to their needs and interests.

The Experience

We are very excited about this project, not only because we get to share best practice education examples with experts from different countries but also because it is our first long-term collaboration with a local school, the National College “Emil Racoviță” in Cluj Napoca. 

Due to covid-19, we have organised an online international workshop program with almost 50 participants as well as a local bimonthly meeting program.

Our role as expert partner is to develop and facilitate hands-on workshops on themes chosen together with the students and teachers.