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An organization that believes in the power of collaboration, challenges and curious minds.

Our interdisciplinary projects take on new approaches on communicating and debating scientific topics and encourage participants of all ages to experience and explore the power of discovery, curiosity and collaboration. Centred around new technologies, art & science, circular design and science communication, our showcases present actual themes and subjects in ways that will interest audiences young and old and empower them to learn through direct experience and through critical and creative thinking.

We develop and facilitate hands-on learning activities to support teachers in their aim of introducing science, technology and design into their classrooms and support pupils and students in “learning how to learn”. By doing this, we address the ever-growing need for STEAM Skills & Scientific Literacy as well as focus on building emotional intelligence and mental resilience in a technology-driven future. We constantly look at designing experiences and environments for tomorrow’s world of knowledge. 

Miruna Amza

Management & International Affairs

Miruna is a science communicator, curator and the founder of Scientifica.
She is driven by the possibilities of developing projects that challenge our perception of science and that reignite our curiosity and wonder, through the use of technology, visual communication and environmental design.
With a particular interest in the development of Science Centers, Miruna specialized in scientific museology with acknowledgments from EMA, European Museum Academy.
She has been part of multiple European projects for public engagement with science and education for development and is a long time advisor board of Science Foundation of Ireland. She has an M.A in Communication and a fellowship at the International School of Scientific Journalism.

Miruna Batin

Creative Director

Miruna is a graphic and communication designer as well as a cultural manager. With an over 10 years experience in the cultural sector, she has worked as a Concept Designer and Content Manager for scenographic productions in museums and exhibitions at TAMSCHICK MEDIA +SPACE, Berlin, and at ATELIER BRÜCKNER, Stuttgart. She is also the founder of Boundary Lab, a creative studio, experimenting with material and immaterial boundaries.

Georgiana Buț

Art & Science Curator

Georgiana is an independent curator and art historian. She coordinates the project ECCA – Europen Center for Contemporary Art within the Cluj Cultural Center, and has been communication and programme coordinator for SPAȚIU INTACT gallery, The Paintbrush Factory (2013-2015), and Quadro Gallery (2011-2013), Cluj. Currently, she is a PhD. candidate at the Doctoral School of Philosophy within the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, where she is writing a thesis on exhibition as medium of artistic practice.

Oana Grebenișan

Communication & PR Manager

With a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Health Engineering and Communication and Media Studies, Oana is a multi-tasking communication and PR specialist in the cultural field, a project manager and event organizer. She has worked with various artists and independent organizations, including The Paintbrush Factory and Cluj Design Days. Oana is the co-founder of Samoș, a web based curated list of cultural events in Cluj, Romania.

John Riley

Director of Science Mediation & Education

With a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemistry, John is a multi-skilled english man that set grounds in Romania from 2004. He is an award-winning creative writer and copy-writer and skilled project manager. With over 15 years experience in the ICT industry, his work ranges from Film Producing at Stray Dog Films to Business Development Director and Head of Digital at GAV to Managing Partner at Sector7. Keeping the passion for education projects and for science, John has switched from time to time the role of project management with that of leading teaching classes. As an educator and motivator he is especially skilled at getting the best out of young people.

Claudiu Stanciu

Events Coordinator

Started in 2005 as an executive coordinator for an events journal, shortly becoming PR and event manager for 24-FUN national network city guide. In the last 10 years, Claudiu has been organising expositions, festivals and many other cultural projects. Claudiu is in charge of project management with the main purpose of importing culture into Romanian mass audience, from international contemporary dance programs, to cultural components integrated in massive shows production under ARTmania umbrella since 2008. With strong personal values based on the importance of culture and science as key assets for the entire population, Claudiu is striving to make culture and science available at all levels in all projects he promotes.


HR Manager

Ambitious and driven HR executive, with over 5 years of experience Sputnik is best at reading people. He is a genuine influencer who thrives on tough challenges and translates pretty much everything into a game of fetch. He is a science aficionado, so much so, that he named himself after the worlds' first artificial satellite. Like it, he is running in circles at work, making sure everyone is in a good mood. He sleeps most of the day, making plans for the future of the company, which he reveals to the rest of the team, given enough food. He is a real community thinker and a lifelong learner himself, never missing an opportunity to expand his horizon.
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