December 2018




In December 2018, two Romanian artists were selected to visit the Strate School of Design in Paris. After many days of research, they identified what are the challenges of an experience designer: what questions is he asking, what is he looking at, what are the key skills of a designer, experience designer, mobility designer, interaction designer and what is the long-term vision of the Strate School of Design.

Here is a sneak peek of the experience of the two Romanian designers at Strate School of Design, one of the top design Schools in France and Europe, and the 8 videos as the final results.

Introduction: “Robots in The City”

What is a Designer at Strate School of Design

What is an Interaction Designer

What is a Mobility Designer

What is a Spaces Designer

What is an Identity Designer

What is an Product Designer

Social Robotics at Strate Research

Example of Design Research Project

Main Partners

Event organized under the Romanian-French Season, 2019