24 nov – 12 dec 2020


Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Part of the Quantum Questions Science Festival organized by the Cluj Cultural Centre, we participated in the EFECT – from micro to macro exhibition with the UNIC installation. 

12 internationally renowned artists working at the intersection of art and science, theory and experiment were invited to present their works in the EFECT exhibition to generate interest both in the proposed thematic sphere and in lesser-known local practices. Through their work, they proposed an answer to the question: How can we act in the direction of the desired effects, and what are the long-term consequences of our current action or inaction?

Visitors were invited to take a journey that started from us, as a species, went further to our societies and personal human scale, and reached down into the world of bacteria and microbes, or even deeper, into the realm of our microbiota.

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Almost 100 trillion bacterial cells make up the human microbiome and each microbiome is unique. Identical twins, whose genes are 99.5% similar, share the same intestinal microbiome in a much smaller proportion – only 20%.

The relationship between us and our microbiome is so close that we can think of the human body as a super-organism made up of human and microbial cells. In fact, if we could weigh our bacteria and other microbes, we would gain a weight of about two kilograms. This would make the microbiome the second largest organ after our skin.

So what if, in a forensic lab of the future scientists would search for individual microbiomes instead of fingerprints and DNA.

This installation was created in partnership with Oviso Robotics.

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